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The Pembroke was developed from the Percival Prince civil transport aircraft by Percival Aircraft Company. It had a longer wing to allow a higher fully laden weight.

The prototype first flew on the 21st of November 1952 with production being completed in early 1958.

The Percival Pembroke C.1 entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1953 replacing the Avro Anson for light transport duty.

As standard with all other RAF transport aircraft, the passenger seats point rearward for improved safety.

The Pembroke C(PR).1 was produced for RAF No.81 Squadron for photographic reconnaissance and saw service during the Malaysian Emergency.

In 1970, the RAF's Pembrokes were modified to extend their operational lifespan, with RAF No.60 Squadron being the last to use them until being withdrawn in 1988.

Specifications: -
Passengers:up to 8
Length:46ft 0in (14.02m)
Wingspan:64ft 6in (49.66m)
Height:16ft 0in (4.87m)
Empty Weight:9,589lb (4349kg)
Max. Weight:13,500lb (6125kg)
Engines (x2):Alvis Leonides 127
producing 1120 hp each.
Max. Speed:224 mph (360 km/h)
Range:1,150 miles (1850 km)
Variants: -

P.66 Pembroke C.1
Communications and transport version for the RAF, 44 built.

P.66 Pembroke C(PR).1
Photographic reconnaissance version for the RAF, 6 built and 2 conversions from C.1.

P.66 Pembroke C51
Export version for Belgium.

P.66 Pembroke C52
Export version for Sweden. Swedish military designation Tp 83.

P.66 Pembroke C53
Export version for Finland.

P.66 Pembroke C54
Export version for West Germany.

P.66 President
Civil transport version, 5 built.
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©Nigel Key Percival Pembroke (Kemble 2008)

Percival Pembroke 'WV740' photographed at the Cotswold Airshow Kemble, in 2008.
Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Percival Pembroke (Abingdon 2009) Percival Pembroke (Kemble 2009) Percival Pembroke (Kemble 2008)
Abingdon 2009
Kemble 2009
Kemble 2008
Percival Pembroke (Kemble 2008) Percival Pembroke (Kemble 2008) Percival Pembroke (Kemble 2008)
Kemble 2008
Kemble 2008
Kemble 2008

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