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The Blackburn B2 was developed by Blackburn Aircraft from the previous trainer aircraft the Blubird IV. The side by side two seater layout was retained but the 'B2' was designed with a semi-monocoque all metal fuselage.

The prototype 'B2', 'G-ABUW', was powered by a de Havilland Gipsy III engine producing 120 hp with its first flight on the 10th of December 1932.

The Blackburn B2 was not a successful aircraft regards winning major military orders but it was in demand to equip civilian flying schools who trained pilots ready for the Royal Air Force at Brough and Hanworth.

Upon the outbreak of WWII the aircraft from Hanworth were moved to Brough and the two flying schools merged. The aircraft remained civil registered but were painted with yellow fuselages, camouflaged wings and RAF roundels.

Specifications: -
Crew:1 or 2 (side-by-side)
Wing Type:Bi-plane
Length:24ft 3in (7.39m)
Wingspan:30ft 2in (9.20m)
Height:9ft 0in (2.74m)
Empty Weight:1,175lb (534kg)
Max. Weight:1,850lb (841kg)
Engine:Gipsy III engine producing 120 hp.
Max. Speed:112mph (180km/h)
Range:320 miles (515km)
Armament: -
Machine Guns:n/a
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Blackburn B2
©Nigel Key Blackburn B2 (Old Warden 2009)

'G-AEBJ' is the sole surviving Blackburn B2 which is preserved and maintained in an airworthy condition by Blackburn which is part of British Aerospace.

Blackburn B2, 'G-AEBJ', can be seen at the Shuttleworth Airshow based at Old Warden.
Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
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