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Fiat G-91, IAT 1993 - pic by Dave Key
Fiat G-91, IAT 1993 ©DaveKey


9 August 1956.

The G.91 is a subsonic ground attack aircraft designed and built by Fiat Aviazone.

The G.91 has a 37 degree swept wing with a two spar all metal structure. The wing has single slotted flaps and hydraulically operated ailerons.

The tail plane is electrically actuated with hydraulically actuated elevators. At the base of the rudder there are hydraulically actuated air brakes and a drogue parachute to allow rapid retardation.

The airframe is of a rugged all metal construction and the undercarriage has low pressure tyres allowing the aircraft to operate from semi-prepared airstrips.

The fuselage is constructed in three main sections, with the cockpit mounted in the forward section directly above the air intakes.

The pressurised cockpit is armoured on three sides and also has an armoured glass windshield and the pilot has a Martin Baker Mk. 4 ejector seat.

The centre section of the fuselage has the armament bay and the fuel tanks which are protected by armour plating.

The Fiat G.91 can accommodate up to four 12,7mm M2 Browning machine guns each with 300 rounds or two 30mm Cannons with 120 rounds each, various rockets and bombs.

Hard points on the wings can also accommodate gun pods and external drop tanks.

The Fiat G.91 was first produced from 1956 to 1977, with over 700 built.

Rolls Royce Orpheous 803, producing 5,000 lb st.

2 x Aden 30mm cannon
4,000 lb (1,814 kg) Bomb/Rocket load

In August 1958 the 103mo Gruppo 5a Aerobrigata was formed to evaluate the Fiat G.91. The unit also performed exercises in the presence of NATO officials.

In 1961, 14mo Gruppo Seconda Aerobrigata was formed with its role as tactical support.

In 1964, 16 of the 103mo Gruppo aircraft were converted for service with the Freece Tricolori, the Italian aerobatic team. The modifications consisted of removing armament, adding pitch dampers, ballast and smoke tanks under the wings.

The last Fiat G.91 was phased out by Italy in 1995.

Crew - 1 or 2 (in tandem)
Length - 33ft 9.25in (10.31m)
Wingspan - 28ft 1in (8.57m)
Height - 13ft 1.5in (4.0m)
Empty Weight - 7,275lb (3,300kg)
Max. Weight - 5,695lb (12,500kg)
Max. Speed - 675 mph (1,086 km/h)
Range - 1,150 miles (1,850 km)


Fiat G-91, IAT 1993 - pic by Dave Key Fiat G-91, IAT 1993 - pic by Dave Key
IAT 1993 IAT 1993

Photos copyright of ©Dave Key