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The Hawker Nimrod was designed by Sydney Camm in 1930, initially named the Norn, powered by the Rolls Royce Kestrel engine.

The Hawker Nimrod was similar in design to the Hawker Fury, a single seat bi-plane with an open cockpit and fixed undercarriage. The wings were straight with unequal span and staggered to enhance the pilots view.

The wings had metal spars and spruce ribs with ailerons on the upper wings all covered with doped fabric.

The fuselage was manufactured form steel tube and aluminium which was surrounded by 'stringers' giving it an oval shape which was then covered in doped fabric.

Two 0.303" Vickers machine guns are mounted in front of the pilot syncronised to fire through the propellor.

The Hawker Nimrod could be fitted with floats though this reduced the aircrafts top speed by some 47 mph.

After initial testing the prototype was sent to HMS Eagle to fly as part of the British Empire Trade Exhibition of 1931, returning to RAF Martlesham Heath to complete its testing.

On the 31st of October 1931, an order for 35 aircraft was placed with a further 19 the following year.

A headrest fairing was added to the Nimrod I's to help the pilots when exposed to catapult launches. Arrester hooks were also fitted to the later Nimrods.

The design of the Hawker Nimrod II originally specified manufacture from stainless steel to avoid corrosion from the salt water environment, however, only 3 of these were built with the rest to the same specification as the Nimrod I.

The Hawker Nimrod II was fitted with swept wings and a Rolls Royce Kestrel II engine, later to be replaced with Rolls Royce Kestrel V engines, with the first of the aircraft being delivered in March 1933.

Specifications (Mk.II): -
Wing Type:Bi-plane
Length:26ft 5in (8.09m)
Wingspan:33ft 6in (10.23m)
Height:9ft 8in (3.0m)
Empty Weight:3,110lb (1413kg)
Max. Weight:4,050lb (1841kg)
Engine:Kestrel V engine producing 525 hp.
Max. Speed:194mph (311km/h)
Range:305 miles (488km)
Armament: -
Machine Guns:2 x 0.303" Vickers Mk.III
Bombs:4 x 20lb (9kg)
Variants: -

Nimrod I
Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIMS piston engine producing 477 hp; 57 built.

Nimrod II
Swept wing version, powered by a Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIS or VFp piston engine producing 608hp; 30 built.

Hawker Hind            Miles Falcon
Hawker Nimrod
©Nigel Key Hawker Nimrod (Duxford 2007)

Hawker Nimrod II photographed at Duxford 2007 has been part of the Historic Aircraft Collection (HAC) since 1993.

'G-BURZ' ('K3661'), serial number 41H 59890 is on permanent display in Hangar 3 of the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.

If you would like to book the Nimrod for a display, whether for a private event, public air show or film work, or would like to fly in formation along side one of their fighters, Click here to contact HAC.
Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Hawker Nimrod  (Duxford 2007) Hawker Nimrod  (Duxford 2007) Hawker Nimrod  (Duxford 2007)
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007
Hawker Nimrod  (Duxford 2007) Hawker Nimrod  (Duxford 2007) Hawker Nimrod  (Duxford 2007)
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007

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