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Saab Draken, IAT 1994 - pic by Dave Key
Saab Draken, IAT 1994 ©Dave Key


25th October 1955.

The Saab 35 Draken was designed specifically for the needs of the Swedish Airforce as an interceptor, however, it also proved to have excellent turn and fighter capability.

The fuselage is circular section with the wing root extending from just behind the engine intakes to the rear of the aircraft making it possible to dispense with the tail plane.

The revolutionary 'double delta' wing had an inner wing with an angle of 80 degrees and was ideal for high speed performance and the outer wing with an angle of 60 degrees being ideal for lower speeds.

The flight control surfaces consist of a rudder, along with inboard and outboard elevons. Each surface was operated by a tandem hydraulic jack, which was connected to separate circuits.

All ‘Drakens’ were designed as interceptors which had limited air-to-ground capability, with the sole exception of the Danish Drakens, which are strike aircraft capable of carrying AGM-12 Bullpup missiles, advanced "jammers", and increased internal and external fuel storage.

The’ Draken’ was also equipped with a drogue parachute in order to reduce its landing distance when required.

The SAAB 35 Draken was manufactured between 1955 and 1974, with 651 built.

Volvo Flygmotor RM6C, producing 17,650 lb st.

2 X Aden 30mm cannon
9,000 lb (4,086 kg) Bomb/Rocket/Missile load

The Draken’ J35A entered service in 1960 and underwent several upgrades until the last version, the J 35J, was developed in the late 1980's.

Due to cutbacks and high maintenance costs the Draken was officially retired from the Swedish Air Force in 1999 being replaced by the Saab JAS 30 ‘Gripen’.

Crew - 1
Length - 50ft 4in (15.4m)
Wingspan - 30ft 10in (9.4m)
Height - 12ft 9in (3.9m)
Empty Weight - 18,188lb (8,250kg)
Max. Weight - 35,275lb (16,000kg)
Max. Speed - 1,328 mph (2,125 km/h)
Range - 2,020miles (3,250 km)


Saab Draken, IAT 1994 - pic by Dave Key Saab Draken, IAT 1994 - pic by Dave Key Saab Draken, IAT 1994 - pic by Dave Key
IAT 1994 IAT 1994 IAT 1994

Photos copyright of ©Dave Key