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The Jet Provost was designed by Hunting Percival, based upon the Percival Provost, as a jet training aircraft.

The prototype 'XD674' was first flown on the 26th of June 1954 by Dick Wheldon resulting in an order for ten T1 aircraft by the Air Ministry.

A T2 development aircraft was produced which led to the Jet Provost T3 which was the main production batch for the RAF. The T3 was powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Viper, a redesigned airframe, shortened and strengthened undercarriage and fitted with ejector seats.

The Jet Provost T4, which was fitted with a newer more powerful Viper A.S.V. 11 engine, first flew on the 15th July 1960 and was followed by a pressurised cabin version designated T5 making it first flight on the 28th February 1967.

The T51 was an armed version which was sold to Ceylon, Kuwait and Sudan, which was armed with two 0.303" machine guns.

Another export version was the T52 which sold to Iraq, South Yemen, Sudan and Venezuela, with the same armament as the T51. The T55 was the final armed export version which was sold to Sudan.

The last variant of the Jet Provost was the Strikemaster which was developed from the T5 by the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) as an attack aircraft.

Specifications: -
Crew:1 or 2 (side-by-side)
Length:33ft 7.5in (10.25m)
Wingspan:35ft 4in (10.77m)
Height:10ft 2in (3.10m)
Empty Weight:4,888lb (2271kg)
Max. Weight:9,200lb (4173kg)
Engine:Rolls Royce Viper: -
Mk 102 (T 1/3)
producing 1750lb st.
Mk 202 (T 4/5)
producing 2500 lb st.
Max. Speed:440 mph (708 km/h)
Range:901 miles (1450 km)
Armament (T5): -
Machine Guns:2 x 0.303"
Rockets:6 x 60lb or
12 x 25lb or
28 x 68mm in 4 pods
Bombs:4 x 540lb
Variants: -

T1 Information
Initial production batch for the RAF, 12 built.

T2 Information
Development aircraft only, 4 built.

T3 Information
Main production batch for the RAF, 201 built.

T3A Information
Modified T3 with improved avionics for the RAF, 70 modified T3's.

T4 Information
Variant with more powerful engine for the RAF, 198 built.

T5 Information
Pressurised version for the RAF, 110 built.

T5A Information
Converted T5 with improved avionics, 94 modified T5.

T5B Information
Unofficial designation, basically a T5 with some conversions and used for navigator training.

T51 Information
Export version of the T3, 22 built.

T52 Information
Export version of the T4, 43 built.

T55 Information
Export version of the T5, 5 built.

Strikemaster Information
Ground attack version of the T5, 146 built.

BAC Buccaneer          DH Vampire
Jet Provost
©Nigel Key Jet Provost (Old Warden 2007)

Jet provost T3 'G-BKOU', serial number 'XN637' photograhed at the Shuttleworth airshow, Old Warden in 2007.

'XN637' was issued to RAF Leeming, No.3 Flying School which had formed as a Jet Provost squadron, in September 1961.

In 1983 'XN637' was civil registered as 'G-BKOU' and restored to flying condition making its first flight in 1988 as is currently the last original T.3 flying.
Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Jet Provost (Kemble 2010) Jet Provost (Kemble 2010) Jet Provost (Kemble 2010)
Kemble 2010
Kemble 2010
Kemble 2010
Jet Provost (Old Warden 2007) Jet Provost (Old Warden 2007) Jet Provost (Old Warden 2007)
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007

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