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The Magister was designed by Miles Aircraft as a two seater open cockpit aircraft basic trainer, monoplane.

The construction consisted of a wooden structure with a plywood covering, featuring low cantilever wings of a constant section with the outer section fitted with dihedral tappering to the tip.

The first flight of the Miles M.14 Magister was in March 1937. From the initial M.14 design the rudder was increased in height and fitted with anti-spin strakes on the rear fuselage and the definitive M.14A Magister I was born.

The Miles Magister became an ideal trainer for new RAF pilots who were to progress to the Spitfire and Hurricane and was known affectionately as the 'Maggie'.

Production of the Miles Magister began in October 1937 with over 700 aircraft entering service in the RAF Training Schools by the start of the Second World War.

Manufacture of the Magister continued until 1941 by which time some 1,303 were produced. After the war many of the Magisters were converted to civillian use and redesignated as the Hawk Trainer III.

Specifications: -
Crew:1 or 2 (in tandem)
Length:24ft 7.5in (7.51m)
Wingspan:33ft 10in (10.31m)
Height:6ft 8in (2.03m)
Empty Weight:1,286lb (583kg)
Max. Weight:1,900lb (862kg)
Engine:Gipsy Major I
producing 130 hp.
Max. Speed:132 mph (212 km/h)
Range:380 miles (612km)
Variants: -
M.14 Magister / Hawk Trainer III
Initial production version.

M.14A Magister I / Hawk Trainer III
Improved variant.

M.14B Magister II / Hawk Trainer II
Improved variant with a 135hp Blackburn Cirrus II engine.
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©Nigel Key Miles Magister (2009)

The Miles M.14A Magister, Registration: P6382 / G-AJRS, is one of only three preserved airworthy Magisters in the world.

The aircraft arrived at Old Warden wearing G-AJDR registration, however, after inspection of the logbook it revealed an earlier fuselage registration of P6382.

'P6382' was restored to flying condition by Old Warden Apprentices and is now part of the Shuttleworth Collection.
Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Magister (Old Warden 2009) Magister (Old Warden 2009) Magister (Old Warden 2007)
Old Warden 2009
Old Warden 2009
Old Warden 2007
Magister (Old Warden 2007) Magister (Old Warden 2007) Magister (Old Warden 2007)
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007
Old Warden 2007

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